Our Cars

We have a large range of cars that will suit most requirements.

If you want a small car for 2 for a couple of days to run around town or need a bigger engine family car for those longer journeys we have the car for you.

Our fleet is well maintained and we are regularly adding new cars. If you are not used to driving on the right hand side try an automatic transmission to help aid smooth driving. We can cater for your requirements. All of our vehicles have a/c.

We can arrange for you to pick up and return your hire car to the airport (for hire periods of 4 days or more) at the start and end of your holiday or if you prefer we can deliver to your hotel once you

are in resort. Alternatively, if you are staying close to our office in Kato Paphos you may wish to collect your car and take time to chat to our staff.

(Please note that late night departures from Paphos airport will incur a €20 charge).

Please check out our fleet page for more information about the car groups and prices.

1200 cc

kia_picando.jpg    Kia Picando 

Group B - 1200cc

Chevrolet | Suzuki | KIA

3 to 6 days €25

7 to 15 days €23


ford_fusion.jpg    Ford Fussion


aveo5.jpg    Chevrolet Aveo

1500cc - Automatic

focus.jpg    Ford Focus Automatic


vitara.jpg    Suzuki Grand Vitara


zafira.jpg    Opel Zafira

Group C - 1300cc

Mitsubishi | Ford | Chevrolet 

3 to 6 days €27

7 to 15 days €25

Group D - 1500cc

Chevrolet | Nissan | Ford

3 to 6 days €34

7 to 15 days €32

Group D1 - 1500cc Automatic

Chevrolet | Ford 

3 to 6 days €36

7 to 15 days €34

Group E - 1600cc 


3 to 6 days €40

7 to 15 days €38

Group F - 1600cc 

Opel Zafira

3 to 6 days €55

7 to 15 days €52


Our pricing policy

Our daily car hire rates are based on duration of hire and category of car. Please see the section on cars for the specific car categories we offer.

Car Hire duration is split into 3 categories:

3-6 days

7 to 15 days

16+ days

Our prices include comprehensive insurance and VAT.

In some circumstances we offer a zero excess policy, this will be detailed in our quote to you. If we are unable to offer this we will give details of the insurance excess in your offer.

Please note that our insurance is an EU policy only and therefore our cars are not insured for driving in the occupied territory north of the border, however there are parking places close to the border crossing points should you wish to go through on foot.

We offer forward facing child seats and booster seats at no additional charge to you.

We do not ask for deposits to be refunded at the end of the hire period.

As mentioned previously there may be a charge for returning the car to the airport if it is a late flight. There are no delivery/pick up charges to hotels and complexes in Paphos.

We do not make airport deliveries and drop offs for hire periods of 3 days only.

Please check out our fleet page for the daily rates by category.

Fuel Policy

All cars delivered to the airport will be delivered with a ½ tank of fuel for which you will pay 27 euros. You can then return the car empty. We do not offer refunds on fuel.

At all other delivery points charges will be based on the fuel available at time of delivery.


All of our cars are equiped with the following features:

 CD Player
 Air Condition
 Central Locking
 Electric windows
 Fully Equipped
Technical Specifications
 power steering
 5 doors